Transportation and Access to Care

The goal of the GMPHP Transportation priority group is to increase the overall health and wellbeing of Mercer County residents by enhancing safe, affordable, accessible options for people to move easily and freely within and between communities in Mercer County.

The committee selected the following objectives to work on:

  1. Research organizations currently addressing community development master plan transportation issues and develop strategies for improvement.
  2. Develop an awareness campaign to promote all modes of transportation available.
  3. Partner with area and regional hospitals to verify and address the need for a shuttle service for communities where there is limited transportation (i.e., access to healthcare facilities, three hospitals, and health clinics (Henry J. Austin)).
  4. Develop Complete Street policy (tracking), implementation.

Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association (GMTMA) continues to update the Mercer County Mobility Guide, which can be seen at

To improve travel option awareness, the GMTMA went to 6 municipalities and lead Travel Training Workshops for seniors, people with disabilities, and healthcare/social service personnel.

GMTMA lead outreaches on Safety & Environmental Programs that included bicycle and pedestrian safety, air quality and anti-idling programs. They also addressed the following complete streets issues:

  • Communities with streets designed for walking, biking, and driving make for a healthy lifestyle (exercise helps decrease heart disease)
  • 10’ wide single traffic lane design slows down traffic
  • Must take into account the end user of the streets not just advocate and planner perspective therefore build grassroots support for your endeavors
  • Green Streets are compatible with complete streets (uses plants and soil to slow filter and cleanse storm water from streets.

RWJ Hamilton provided transportation for age 65+ or visually impaired to local hospitals or RWJH physicians, cancer, and physical therapy in selected zip codes.

The GMTMA lead the “Safe Routes to School “program at several schools. The 4th grade students in Ms. Heller’s Gifted and Talented class at Lawrence Intermediate School presented their report to the mayor of Lawrence and town council members. The students compiled data collected from surveys taken by the 300 LIS 4th graders. They reported on pedestrian safety based on information from the Safe Kids, Walk This Way program, on how to make the walkways around LIS safer for students and pedestrians. St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center is the leader in organizing Safe Kids, Walk This Way for Mercer County, with help from GMTMA Greater Mercer Transportation Management Associates, Lawrence Township Police Department, FedEx, and Trenton Thunder.

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