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Funding Available! 3-Year Pilot to Build and Sustain Healthy Schools

3-Year Pilot to Build and Sustain Healthy Schools

Dear School Health Partners,

The DOH WSCC School Health NJ Project is recruiting schools for the Sept 2018-June 2019 school year to work with DOH regional grantees on a 3-year pilot. (See attached) The impetus for this pilot is the recently released National Association of Chronic Disease Directors’ (NACDD) document: The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child Model: A Guide to Implementation

We’re recruiting for 21 schools using the following criteria:

  1. some experience in promoting health as evidenced by participation with:
    • DOH: previous Adolescent Health school partners including Parents as Champions as well as Community Health and Wellness school district partners
    • School Health Leadership Program
    • Alliance for Healthier Generation
    • School Climate and Culture school partners: Campaign Connect, United Way, DOE/Rutgers
    • DCF School-Based Youth Services Programs (SBYSP)
  2. administrative buy-in to improve health in schoolsat least 40%
  3. of students are eligible for free or reduced lunchwi
  4. lling to make a 3-, potentially 4- year commitmenta school district investment of $8,000 supplemented by a DOH investment of up to $15,000.

If interested, I can forward the Program’s guidance document that provides more details including an overview and outline of expectations/Yr 1 timelines.

I’m not looking for any commitments at this time but if a school you know or work with meets the eligibility criteria and might be interested in participating in this pilot, I’d like to know that and have the school on my radar.

If your school doesn’t meet the free and reduced lunch criteria but is interested in the pilot, let me know as well. Since I’m unsure if we’ll secure commitments from enough schools with 40% or more of students eligible for free or reduced lunch, I’d then like to open this opportunity to other interested schools.

If you have questions, would like more information or have schools to recommend, please get in touch with me by phone (609-292-5666) or email no later than April 10th.

Thank you all for taking the time to review this information. I hope to hear from some of you and sharing more about this pilot!

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Child and Adolescent Health Program
NJ Department of Health
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